Mythocia Olympia PGI Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Mythocia Olympia PGI Early Harvest from Papadopoulos Olive Oil Mill is one of Greece’s most award-winning extra virgin olive oils, presenting the unique characteristics of two highly-prized olive trees, Kolireiki (ko-lee-RAY-kee) and Koroneiki (ko-ro-NAY-kee).

These trees have existed for millennia in the sacred lands of Ancient Olympia. Located on the western part of Peloponnese famous for its optimal growing conditions for these two varieties, we can produce from these trees a rich blend in flavor and aromas. Both the delicious pairings and possible uses are limited only by your creativity and imagination.

Mythocia Olympia PGI Early Harvest indulges you in a rich taste and the aromas of bitter radicchio, tomato leaves, fresh grass, fresh apple, artichoke, and herbs.

Made from select groves in the region of Olympia, this early harvest EVOO has high nutritional qualities and yields a pleasant bitterness and pungency. The final result offers an intense olive fruit flavor with a distinct peppery finish.



Best in Class - Japan Olive Oil Prize

Gold - New York International Olive Oil Competition

Gold - Kotinos International Olive Oil Competition

Gold - Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competition

Gold - Olive Japan

Silver - Athena International Olive Oil Competition


Silver - Domina International Olive Oil Contest

Bronze - London International Olive Oil Competition


Gold - London International Olive Oil Competition


What is PGI Olympia? PGI stands for “Protected Geographical Indication.” It means that the olives which produce this extra virgin olive oil are all grown in a specific region, in this case, Ancient Olympia. Mythocia Olympia PGI Early Harvest has been certified, according to European Union law, with the status of “Protected Geographical Indication” (PGI).

This multi award-winning EVOO offers the unique characteristics of two very important olive trees, Kolireiki and Koroneiki. They mature from mid-October until the beginning of November. The warm and stable climate, combined with the exceptional soil of our area are responsible for Mythocia Olympia PGI Early Harvest’s one of a kind taste.


Mythocia Olympia PGI Early Harvest is ideal for finishing your dishes. It offers you and your family the benefits of a high quality extra virgin olive oil, the most valuable aspect of the Mediterranean diet. Due to its exceptional characteristics, this internationally-awarded EVOO can be a perfect match for salads, grilled chicken, pork, lamb, vegetables and fresh pasta. It is also great for dipping with bread or vegetables, red wine vinaigrette, salad greens, spicy fish dishes, sauteed or slow-roasted meat dishes. Pour over your favorite protein after pulling out of the oven and you will not be disappointed.


Variety Blend: Koroneiki - Kolireiki

Harvest Period: October 15th - November 5th

Harvest Method: Mechanical means and by hand

Extraction Method: Two-phase centrifugal, Alfa Laval

Mass temperature Cold extraction: 24C°

Organoleptic (Sensory) Report: Fruity: 5.6 Bitter : 4.3 Pungent: 4.6

Chemical analysis Acidity: 0.17

Storage: Stainless steel with nitrogen atmosphere

Cultivation method: Conventional

If you’ve never tried early harvest olive oil, start with this tasting!