Ladi Biosas Agrumato Organic Lemon Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 250 ml

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Ladi Biosas Agrumato Lemon High Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced in small quantities in a biological mill; the process is very tedious and labor-intensive. The olives are harvested entirely by hand and the organically grown oranges are carefully picked at the perfect point of ripeness. The olives and the fresh oranges are crushed simultaneously. The paste of the fruit is then gently mixed with the olives for about 30 minutes at a temperature below 27 C to maintain the unique flavor characteristics of Ladi Biosas Olive Oil.

The paste is then pressed at low-pressure for an extended period of time to slowly extract the Agrumato Lemon Olive Oil. NO essential oils or aroma is added.

The result is very rare and precious with a delicate, bright, fresh, intense fruity aroma with a low acidity level of 0.2%,  which brings it to the very high standards of the Extrissimo Premium Olive Oil.

Ladi Biosas Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a gastronomic delight! It's ideal for vinaigrette, salad dressing or dipping. It pairs well with seafood dishes, salads, Asian dishes, and is equally wonderful as a special flavor in chocolate cake. Pour it on roasted vegetables, in mashed potatoes, or fresh sea scallops with just a sprinkling of Fleur de Sel.