Ladi Biosas High Premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 250 ml

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Ladi Biosas Award Winning High Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil is extracted from organically grown olives in the village of Kefalovryso, located 40 km from Kalamata, in the Southern Peloponnese Peninsula of Greece.

Ladi Biosas Olive Oil is produced a vertically-integrated production process, cold extracted in small-batch quantities, in our own certified olive mill. All of the bottles are individually numbered bear the signature of the great Greek painter and engraver Takis Katsoulidis

All of our olives are 100% Koroneiki Variety, low acidity of less than 2%, and are Certified Organic Cultivation according to the BIO Hellas standards. Our olive groves are located in a 600 meter high micro-climate mountainous zone in an area where spraying against the olive fruit fly is restricted.

Our dry-land farming techniques and high altitude naturally repels the fruit fly. It's also an area of wild, natural beauty far from densely populated areas and industrial zones. All of this helps make our Olive Oil the finest you can buy!