Melicera Greek Wildflower Honey - 250 gr

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We discovered Melicera Honey while doing an on-line search for new products. They sent us samples of their fabulous honey and we absolutely loved them! We knew we had to bring their excellent line of products to our customers in the United States! 

Melicera was born at the beginning of 2018 in Trikala by Jiota Nizami. However, its roots start in 1985 by her father and beekeeper, Mr. John Nizamis. Having studied in the field of Medical Lab Technology and after a long professional career in Switzerland, Jiota decided to go back to her roots and focus on what her childhood memories are full of......Honey.

Melicera Wildflower Honey is an excellent blend of wild flowers nectar, orange honey and the very healthy honeys, heather and thyme. A balanced bouquet of flavors, collected by bees from various parts of Greece. Sweet with vanilla and pepper after taste.