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John and Georgia Skinos

Kathy Skinos-Smith

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John and Georgia Skinos at Georgia's Greek Cuisine in Kansas City circa 1980's. Even though it's been over 25 years since they sold the restaurant, we still have people who love to tell us of their fond memories our parents and how much they miss their wonderful food!

Our Traditional Spanakopita Appetizer!

Our traditional Greek Spanakopita.....a savory phyllo dough triangle filled with spinach and a delicious mix of three cheeses.....feta, cream and cottage cheese.....baked to a golden brown!

Sun Dried Tomato & Roasted Garlic Tiropita

Our traditional Greek Tiropita filled with Feta Cheese, Roasted Garlic and Sun Dried Tomato........delicious!!

A History of Greek Street Food

Kathy Skinos-Smith

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Street food provides an important income and is a source of cheap and tasty food. In Greece, it made its appearance in the 6th century BC with the development of cities. Lentil soup was available in the Greek ‘agora’, however eating it while wandering around the market was not appropriate. Ιn Byzantium street food trade became very large. Big cities, specifically Constantinoupolis (modern Istanbul) offered street food to a huge influx of workmen, merchants, immigrants, foreign soldiers and pilgrims. Among the goods the street food sellers offered, were roasted chicken, sausages, baked carrots, roasted chickpeas, dried raisins, fresh fruits, small...

Best Greek Restaurants in London

Kathy Skinos-Smith

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If you're planning to travel to London this Summer, here are some of the best Greek Restaurants you might want to try!   The Life Goddess | Courtesy of Sarah Marian Whitmore The Life Goddess The Life Goddess on Store Street is a gem of an eatery. It has successfully moved away from the traditional Greek taverna, despite serving wholesome and hearty food. Pop in any time before midday for a coffee, cake or pastry or merely to peruse the shop. A pleasant and warming atmosphere, created in part by sparkling fairy lights and blues music, it is a lovely...